Dongguan Power Long Battery Technology Co., Ltd./ PLB was established in 2014, is one of the biggest 26650 cylindrical lithium ion rechargeable battery producers in China. Our company is a high-tech enterprise specializes in R&D, manufacturing quality lithium ion battery cell and battery packs. 

1) Battery cells

- IFR26650-25B 3.2V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) 2.5Ah high-rate discharge batteries, 20/30C continuous discharge, up to 50C long plus max discharge.

- IFR26650-30B 3.2V 3000mAh 10C continuous discharge

- IFR26650-30A, 32A, 33A, 35A, 38A etc. 

- INR26650-50A 3.6V Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) 5.0Ah battery, 2C continuous discharge. 

- INR26650-55A 3.6V NMC 5.5Ah battery

The Annual output of the rechargeable cells over 1GWh per year for 3.2V LFP battery and 1GWh a year for NMC cell.

2) Battery packs

No matter what your requirement could be, we have a suitable solution for batteries, such as 8V batteries, 12V batteries, 24V batteries, 36V batteries and 48V batteries etc., 

Our highly trained personnel with an average of more than 10 years of experience will help you to find the correct battery product for your need at the best price available. 

PLB owns the complete supply chain layout from mineral battery cells to battery packs. These cells/packs have been using for many different applications, such as lift trucks, sweepers and scrubbers, airport ground support applications, energy storage, UPS/uninterruptible power supplies, emergency lightings, solar lights, motorcycle, electric rickshaws/tools, medical devices, and automatic guided vehicles/AGVs etc.

PLB company certifications: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, IATF16949

and battery product passed UL 1642, CQC, UN38.3, BIS, KC, RoHS, Reach, GB/T31484, GB/T31485, GB/T31486, and the national electric vehicle quality certification.

PLB-Power Long Battery is also the trademark of Dongguan Power Long Battery Technology Co., Ltd