LiFePO4 Battery Cell 3000mAh High Rate For Start-stop Battery

LiFePO4 Battery Cell 3000mAh High Rate For Start-stop Battery

1. Standard charge current 0.5C
2. Max. Continuous Discharge Current 3C
3. Max. Long Pulse Discharge Current 5C(60S)
4. Max. Short Pulse Discharge Current 8C(3S) 5.Low Impedance, resistence less than 20mΩ
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Product Details

High rate Long life time LFP Cells for Start-up/UPS battery

Product Information

Basic Info                

Product Name3.2V 26650 Cell


Electrical Specification                
ChemicalLithium iron phosphate
Operation Voltage2.0~3.65V
Nominal Capacity3000mAh
Minimum Capacity


Cell AC Impedance(1KHz)<=20mΩ
Shipment Capacity

About 50% SOC

Cell WeightAbout 85g
Charge and discharge specification     
Standard Charge Current

1C Rate

Standard Discharge Current

1C Rate

Max. Continuous Discharge Current          

10C Rate  

Max. Long Pulse Discharge Current         15C(60S)     
Max. Short Pulse Discharge Current


Operating Temperature  
Standard Charging Temperature0~45℃
Standard Discharging Temperature


Storage Temperature


Lead AcidVSLithium
100%Weight60% lighter
Watering, corrosion, clean up, 
Monitoring 50% discharge limit
33% per monthSelf discharge2% per month, leave unplugged all off season
Should not go below 50% of chargeMax usageCan use all 100% of charge
8-10 HoursCharge time2-4 Hours
200 cyclesLifetime cycleUp to 3000+ cycles

Consistence chart_400X200Long life cycle chart-400X200

Cell roadmap 800X320


1.   Home energy storage

2.  Residential ESS Battery

3.  UPS System

4.  Light-duty Vehicle 

5.  Electric power instrument

6.  Intelligent robot power supply

7.  Starting power

8.  Portable Power

9. Motivative battery

10. Mower & Garden



Our Factory

We Power Long Battery Technology Co., Ltd (PLB) is a professional manufacturer of 26650/LFP &NMC

 lithium battery cell and pack, who focus on it for more than 15 years. Our batteries with great comments

 in this industry with high quality and perfect safety. 

PLB Showroom-LFP battery packs-(1000X600)

Our advantage:

1.Long cycle up to 3000+ in 100% DOD

2.Up to 72h high temperature formation with fully charged 

3.Up to 128 key points for quality control

4.350 hours storage in room temperature with fully charged

5.More than 50 kinds of performance test 

6.OCV Test in 3 stages

7.Accurate grading process for Power capacity

Office building

Our Certification

PLB Certification

Power Long Battery is one of the leading professional lifepo4 battery cell 3000mah high rate for start-stop battery manufacturers and suppliers. With consummate craft and advanced equipment, our factory can assure you the high quality but cheap price of our lifepo4 battery cell 3000mah high rate for start-stop battery. Our batteries are of large capacitance, long lifespan, and optimum design. Please feel free to buy.
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