Long Life Cycles LFP 26650 Cells 3.2V 3400mAh

1. High Capacity: 3400mAh
2. Standard charge and discharge in 0.5C
3. Max charge current: 2C, max discharge current 3C
4. Long life cycles: 80% DOD>6000
5. Excellent safety
6. High Consistency
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Product Details

 LFP 26650 Cells 3.2V 3400mAh for Back up Power system






Max charge current

Max discharge currentCycle lifeWeight
IFR26650-34A3400mAh3.2V2CConstant 3C, peak 8C


100% DOD


Cell Roadmap

Cell roadmap 800X320

Consistence chart_400X200Long life cycle chart-400X200
Consistence of Cell
Long life cycle

Advantage of LFP Energy Cells

1. High Capacity: 26650 cylinder, maximum capacity 3400mAh, at the highest mass to energy level

2. High Consistency: from cell initial static grouping process to dynamic diversification after assembly

 process and attenuation characteristics during cell cycling.

3. Long Life cycles: 100% DOD≥3000 cycles, 80% DOD ≥6000, 50% DOD ≥8000.

4 Excellent safety: the whole series has passed UL, IEC and other international safety certification standards.


Small and medium ESS: off-grid PV ESS, Residential ESS, Lead-acid replacement battery, Data center, etc.

 Light duty field, E-motorcycle, E- bike, Sightseeing car, Golf cart and so on.

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