PLB 3.2V 3300mah 26650 LiFePO4 Battery Cell 6000 Cycles Life

PLB 3.2V 3300mah 26650 LiFePO4 Battery Cell 6000 Cycles Life

3.2V 3.3Ah LFP, supports 1C charge and 3C discharge, after over 2000 cycles life based on 1C charge and 1C discharge at 100% DOD, 25 Celsius Degree, residual capacity can be over 80% of its original. Its IR is less than 20mΩ
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Nominal voltage3.20V
Typical capacity3300mAh @0.5C
Standard continuous
discharge current
Max. continuous
discharge current
Discharge cut-off voltage2.00 ±0.05 V
Charge voltage3.65 ±0.05 VCharge mode: CC/CV,Use a constant current,
constant voltage (CC/CV)
Charge currentStandard: 0.5C   
Inner resistance≤ 20mΩ (AC Impedance, 1000 Hz)
Operation temperature rangeCharge: 0~45℃0℃~+45℃
Discharge: -20~60℃-20℃~+60℃
When the environment temperature is higher than 45℃,please pay attention to ventilation and heat rejection.
Storage temperature range1 year:-20~25℃ 85%RH Max
3months:-20~45℃ 90%RH Max
1 month:-20~60℃ 90%RH Max
Recommended long-term storage temperature is 15~25℃
Life Cycle>2000times1C ,100%DOD
WeightAbout 88g
SizeDiameter: 26.3±0.2mm
ApplicationUPS,  energy storage, EV

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