24V 100Ah Li-ion LiFePO4 Battery Pack 24V 100Ah

24V 100Ah Li-ion LiFePO4 Battery Pack 24V 100Ah

24V 100Ah Li-ion LiFePO4 Battery Pack 24V 100Ah supports 100A constant charge and discharge, after over 2000 cycles life based on 0.5C charge and 0.5C discharge at 100% DOD, 25 Celsius Degree, residual capacity can be over 80% of its original.For the same model, the batteries support to be connected in series up to max 2PCS.
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Product Details

24V 100Ah Li-ion LiFePO4 Battery Pack 24V 100Ah

Product Specification 

Item NameSpecification
Rated voltage


CapacityRated capacity: 100Ah
Cycle life

Over 2000 times,  at 0.5C charge and discharge, 100% DOD at 25ºC, residual capacity≥80% of rated capacity

WeightAbout 22kg
Temperature scopeCharging: 0~45ºC      Discharging:-20ºC~ 60ºC
Size  L*W*H490*171*240mm
Self-discharge Rate Per Month≤3.5%  (25℃, 50%SOC, New cell after stored more than 3 months)
Standard Discharge Temperature25±2℃
Certification for CellUL, UN38.8, MSDS 

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Dongguan Power Long Battery, is a comprehensive ISO9001/ISO14001/IATF16949/ISO45001 certificated manufacturer focusing on high quality 26650 Battery cell and battery pack, listed by UL,CB,CE,RoHS etc. 


◆ The service cycle life of LiFePO4 battery is nearly 10 times that of lead-acid battery, and its comprehensive use value is higher.

◆ Lead-acid battery has memory, but LiFePo4 battery does not have this phenomenon, no need to be discharged before charging.

◆ LiFePO4 battery supports high rate discharge and fast charging.

◆ LiFePO4 battery with the same specification and capacity, the volume is about 2/3 of that of lead-acid battery, and the weight is about 1/3.

◆ Wider temperature range, LiFePO4 battery can discharge at -20~60℃.

◆ Able to withstand over-charge and over-discharge. No fire, no explosion. Safe and reliable.

◆ More environmentally friendly, free of any heavy metals and rare metals, non-toxic and pollution-free.

◆ ABS fire prevention plastic shell package.

◆ Waterproof design technology.

24V 100Ah Li-ion LiFePO4 Battery Pack 24V 100Ah

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