Factory Supply LiFePO4 Battery Pack For Lead Acid Replacement With Starting Power

Factory Supply LiFePO4 Battery Pack For Lead Acid Replacement With Starting Power

Style: LiFePO4 4S14P
 Nominal Capacity:  48Ah
 Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
Energy: 610Wh
Discharge cut-off voltage: 8.4V
Charging Current: 20A
Max Charge Current: 48A
 Peak Current(3s): 150A
Weight: 6.5KG
 Long Cycle Life: >2000 times
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Product Details

Product Details:

Nominal   Voltage:12.8V 
Dimension:197 * 165 *170mm 
Weight: 6.5kg
Cycle   Life:0.2C/100% DOD ≥2000 0.2C/80% DOD ≥3000 0.2C/50% DOD ≥5000
BMS Function:UVP/OVP/OCP/OTP/SCP/Balance
Charging Current: 20A 
Max Charging Current: 48A 
Max Continue Discharging: 50A 
Max Discharging   Current(pulse): 150A/3sec.
Internal resistance (fully   charged, 25℃):≤30mΩ
Terminal type:  M8
Charging mode: CC-CV
Max charging voltage: 14.6V
Discharge cut-off voltage:8.4V
Self-discharge (25℃):3 month Remaining capacity: 95%  6 month Remaining   capacity: 90%  12 month Remaining capacity: 85%
Operating Temperature Range: Discharge:-20℃~60℃  Charge:0℃~45℃    Storage:-20℃~50℃

26650 cylindrical 26650 cells list:

ItemVoltage/VCapacity/AhLife cycle 100%     DOD 25±2℃IR/mΩWeight/G
IFR26650-2500mAh3.22.51C,   2000≥80%≤686
IFR26650-3000mAh3.231C,   2000≥80%≤1085
IFR26650-3300mAh3.23.30.5C,   4000≥80%≤2088
IFR26650-3400mAh3.23.40.5C,   2000≥80%≤2089
IFR26650-3600mAh3.23.60.5C,   2000≥80%≤2089
IFR26650-3800mAh3.23.80.5C,   2000≥80%≤2090
INR26650-5000mAh3.650.5C,   1000≥80%≤2095
INR26650-5500mAh3.65.50.5C,   1000≥80%≤2094

Applications:    Electric bike, Electric powered vehicles,Wheelchairs, Electric toys,Golf car & Tourism car,RV (Recreational Vehicle).Typical applications_Certificates:  UL1624, IEC 62133, CQC, BIS, REACH, Rohs, UN38.8, MSDS.

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