LiFePO4 Battery Pack 12V 100AH Solar Battery

The same battery supports to connect in series up to 4PCS.
PLB custom battery pack base on customer requirements, eg.: BMS/plastic case color/label etc
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Product Details

Lead Acid Replacement 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Solar Battery Pack

Item NamePLFP12100
Rated voltage12.8V 
CapacityRated capacity: 100Ah
Cycle lifeOVER 2000 times, 100% dod at 25ºC, residual   capacity≥80% of rated capacity
Net WeightAbout 12.5KG
Temperature scopeCharging: 0 to 45ºC, Discharging:-20ºC to +60ºC
Shipment CapacityAbout 50% SOC
Self-discharge Rate Per Month≤3.5%    (25℃,50%SOC, New cell   after stored more than 3 months)
Certification for cellUL, CB, UN38.8, MSDS
Designed calendar life(20℃)  10 years
FeatureOvercharge protection, over-discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, Balance protection

Lead Acid battery VS Lithium Battery

Lead AcidVSLithium
100%Weigh60% lighter

Watering, corrosion, clean up, 

Monitoring 50% discharge limit

33% per monthSelf -discharge3% per month, leave unplugged all off-season
Should not go below 50% of chargeMax usageCan use all 100% of charge
8-10 HoursCharge time2-4 Hours
200 cyclesLifetime cycleUp to 3000+ cycles

PLB 26650 cylindrical 26650 cells list

No.ItemVoltage/VCapacity/AhLife cycle 100%   DOD 25±2℃IR/mΩWeight/G
1IFR26650-2500mAh3.22.51C, 2000≥80%≤686
2IFR26650-3000mAh3.23.01C, 2000≥80%≤1085
3IFR26650-3300mAh3.23.30.5C, 4000≥80%≤2088
4IFR26650-3400mAh3.23.40.5C, 2000≥80%≤2089
5IFR26650-3600mAh3.23.60.5C, 2000≥80%≤2089
6IFR26650-3800mAh3.23.80.5C, 2000≥80%≤2090
7INR26650-5000mAh3.65.00.5C, 1000≥80%≤2095
8INR26650-5500mAh3.65.50.5C, 1000≥80%≤2094

PLB cells with good reputation and quality, the batteries are excellent for a variety of applications including for assembling a variety of Lithium-ion battery packs.

PLB Lead Acid battery Pack List

No.ModelSPECStructureSize (L*W*H) Weight
10PLFP125012.8V50Ah4S1P by prismatic cell229*138*208mm6.2Kg
11PLFP1210012.8V100Ah4S2P by prismatic cell 490*171*240mm12.5Kg
12PLFP1215012.8V150Ah4S3P by prismatic cell 521*238*218mm18.0Kg


1) Factory certification: IATF16949, DUNS, ISO9001/14001/45001, etc.

2) Product with UL1642, KC, PSE, BIS, IEC62133, UN38.3, and MSDS etc.


PLB Company Introduction

Dongguan Power Long Battery Technology Co., Ltd./ PLB is a high-tech enterprise specializes in R&D, manufacturing quality 26650 cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell and battery pack in Dongguan, China.

Our highly trained personnel with an average of more than 15 years of experience will help you to find

 the correct battery product for your need at the best price available. 

PLB Production Standard

1.Long cycle up to 3000+ in 100% DOD

2.Up to 72h high-temperature formation with fully charged 

3.Up to 128 key points for quality control

4.350 hours storage in room temperature with fully charged

5.More than 50 kinds of performance test 

6.OCV Test in 3 stages

7.Accurate grading process for Power capacity



If you would like to know more, feel free to contact our sales team.

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