LiFePO4 Battery Pack For Lead Acid Replacement With Electric Vehicle.

1. Style: LiFePO4 4S3P
2. Nominal Capacity:  10.2Ah
3. Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
4.Discharge cut-off voltage: 8.4V
5.Charging Current: 5A
6.Max Charge Current: 10.2A
7. Peak Current(3s): 30A
8.Energy: 130Wh
9.Weight: 1.5KG
10. Long Cycle Life: >2000 times
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Product Details

Product Details:

 Style:LiFePO4  4S3P
 Nominal   Capacity: 10.2Ah
 Nominal   Voltage:12.8V
Discharge   cut-off voltage:8.4V
Charging   Current:5A 
Max Charge   Current:10.2A
 Peak   Current(3s):30A
 Long   Cycle Life: >2000 times

Applications: Replacement for lead Acid battery with Electric Vehicle.

Lead-Acid-Battery-Replacement  ApplicationsCertificates: UL1624, IEC 62133, CQC, BIS, REACH, Rohs, UN38.8, MSDS

PLB certificates

PLB is one of the biggest producer of 26650 rechargeable batteries in China. We offer lifePO4 26650 from 2500mAh to 3800mAh and INR 5000mAh to 6000mAh. PLB owns the complete supply chain layout from mineral battery cells to battery packs. These batteries have a wide variety of uses including consumer electronics, new energy vehicles and energy storage, battery packs, UPS, AGM, motorcycle batteries, solar solution, uninterruptible power supplies, reserve power, emergency power, power solutions etc.

PLB has its own quality control management policy, we always inspect all batteries step by step, such as the voltage, IR and capacity etc.100% full aging before shipment. PLB pursues simple clean, efficient, environmental and most importantly for safe transporting of goods for every customer, we strictly follow sea shipment or air express/forwarder's requirement and keep appropriate weight for shipping. The inspected products are standing by and staying at constant temperature warehouse. 

26650 cylindrical lithium ion cellsPLB Factory Image

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