LiFePo4 battery pack Hot Sale Lead Acid Replacement Battery

LiFePo4 battery pack Hot Sale Lead Acid Replacement Battery

1. Style: LiFePO4 2S1P
2. Nominal Capacity: 3.4Ah
3. Nominal Voltage: 6.4V
4. Discharge cut-off voltage: 4.2V
5. Nominal Charge Current: 3.4A
6. Max Charge Current: 5A
7. Peak Current(3s): 15A
8. Weight: 0.3KG
9. Long Cycle Life: >2000 times
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Product Details

Product Details:

 Nominal   Capacity: 3.4Ah
 Nominal   Voltage:6.4V
Discharge   cut-off voltage:4.2V
 Nominal   Charge Current:3.4
Max Charge   Current:5A
 Peak   Current(3s):15A
 Long   Cycle Life: >2000 times

Applications: UPS,Vehicles, Starting power, replace the lead Acid Battery

Lead-Acid-Battery-Replacement  Applications

Features : 

The service cycle life of LiFePO4 battery is nearly 10 times that of lead-acid battery, and its comprehensive use value is higher.

Lead-acid battery has memory, but LiFePo4 battery does not have this phenomenon, no need to be discharged before charging. 

LiFePO4 battery supports high rate discharge and fast charging. 

LiFePO4 battery with the same specification and capacity, the volume is about 2/3 of that of lead-acid battery, and the weight is about 1/3.

Wider temperature range, LiFePO4 battery can discharge at -20~60℃.

Able to withstand over-charge and over-discharge. No fire, no explosion. Safe and reliable. 

More environmentally friendly, free of any heavy metals and rare metals, non-toxic and pollution-free. 

ABS fire prevention plastic shell package.

Certificates: UL1624, IEC 62133, CQC, BIS, REACH, Rohs, UN38.8, MSDS

PLB certificates

PLB  has its own quality control management policy, we always inspect all batteries step by step, such as the voltage, IR and capacity etc.100% full aging before shipment. PLB pursues simple clean, efficient, environmental and most importantly for safe transporting of goods for every customer, we strictly follow sea shipment or air express/forwarder's requirement and keep appropriate weight for shipping. The inspected products are standing by and staying at constant temperature warehouse. 

No matter what your requirement could be, we have the perfect solution for batteries, such as 8V batteries, 12V batteries, 24V batteries, 36V batteries and 48V batteries etc.Our highly trained personnel with an average of more than 10 years of experience will help you to find the correct battery product for your need at the best price available. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact with our sales team.

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Application:Power Tools, Home Appliances, Solar Energy Storage System etc


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