40V20Ah Lithium-ion Battery Pack

De-sulfation can never happen in this product because it is a lithium-ion model. The small size feature makes it light, and the dual-sized sticky foam shims can enable the rider to beef up the battery box. It can’t slide in the battery compartment, which great for those long distant riders. The battery has no acid comes fully sealed – there is no adding acid or draining. Lack of acid also means that the battery cannot damage your bike’s paint, wiring, and other parts. That cannot be said of a lead-acid battery. The only thing you should worry about when using this battery is connecting to the right terminals!
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Product Details

The basic specifications for this 48v lithium ion battery pack for motorcycle: 

1. Cell model:  INR26650-50A

2. Construction: 13S4P with BMS

3  BMS: with high temperature control, charging/discharging current cotrol, with charging/discharging cut-off voltage control

4. Standard charging current:   0.2C 4A 

    Max charging current; 0.5C 10A

5. Max continuous discharging current:  10A. 

6. Operation temperature: -20 to 60°C、

7. Approx. weight:  4.6KG

8. Application: electric motorcycle, solar street light, energy storage supply, AGV, electric-tricycle....