PLB 12V 200Ah Lithium Ion Phosphate/Lifepo4 Battery Pack

PLB Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is a wide range of lead acid replacement battery packs. It utilizes the well recognized Lithium iron phosphate chemistry to achieve extraordinarily long cycle and shelf life, superior safety and significantly low weight. Our design and products have been provided to well known customers all over the world and are used in a wide range of applications. Advanced Features Safety: ● Premium PCM/BMS design ● Premium cell safety performance ● Overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent protection ● Bullets Cell balancing for both charge and discharge Electric performance: ● Light in weight: only one third to fifth of traditional lead acid battery in weight ● Drop-in replacement for lead acid battery ● Environmental friendly and maintenance free ● Good to work in series and in parallel
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Product Details

Item NameSpecification
Product Name IFR26650 12.8V 200Ah 
Rated voltage&capacity 12.8V 200Ah 
Continous discharge current≤200Amps
Max Charge current /
Cycle lifeover 2000 times, 100% DOD at 25ºC, residual capacity≥80% of rated capacity
WeightAbout 25KG 
Communication protocolNo
Temperature scopeCharging: 0-45ºC  Discharging:-20ºC-60ºC
User for Vehicles, replace the lead Acid Battery
CertificationUL1624, IEC 62133, CQC, BIS, REACH, Rohs, UN38.8, MSDS

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