Manufacturing Center

Our Manufacturing team has more than 15 years working experience in the lithium ion battery field with disciplines such as Lean Operation & Six Sigma management concepts.

PLB owns a state of the art highly automated production line to meet lithium ion cell safety, consistency , and reliability performance.In addition we strictly control production processes, quality management systems and battery online test databases to effectively manage the whole process of cell properties. Our quality assurance program ensures data, sorting, traceability to make certain each cell is of high security, high consistency, and high reliability.


Automatic Machine

Automatic Cutting Cachine

Using automatic cutting machine will be continuous rolling sheet after the coil material cutting, the pole piece sliced into process specification and quality requirements of coil.

Automatic Weighing

With high precision injection pump for automatic injection fluid, adopt the automatic alternating pressure, low vacuum static, high efficiency, the injection liquid liquid batteries fully.

CCD Robot Welding Inspection

Inspection system, the focal, less welding partial, solder joints, welding molten pool depth of abnormal product automatically weed out the bad product.

All of our product series
pass the national mandatory testing standards

26650 high quality lithium batteries is one of PLB core products. In addition NiCoMn & LiFePO4 series qualified for the National Battery Test, they are widely used in EV bus, energy storage systems, power supplies, medical equipment, solar lights, mobile power, scooter, emergency lighting, and leisure field with high safety, high consistency, and high reliability.

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