26650 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Manufacturer

- May 27, 2020-

Many factories will produce 26650 lithium iron phosphate batteries, although they have different personalization, but the basic parameters should meet international standards. Below we choose the relevant parameters of the customized lithium battery manufacturer Dongguan Power Long Battery Technology Co., Ltd. to make everyone have an image understanding and general understanding of the 26650 lithium battery. The company's 26650 lithium battery size: 26.3 * 65.3mm, high-rate battery 3000mAh, nominal voltage 3.2V, charge and discharge cut-off voltages are 3.65V and 2.5V, standard charge and discharge current 1500mAh, maximum 3C charge and 10C discharge, Working temperature is -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃.

The 26650 lithium iron phosphate battery has stable charge and discharge performance, high temperature resistance, and a cycle life that is three times that of the ternary material. Because it can charge and discharge with large current, it is extremely suitable for power tools, starting power supplies, etc., and this advantage makes it possible To large-scale development, such as PLB's 26650 power lithium iron phosphate battery technology has matured.

26650 battery packs