Graphene wears fireproof clothing for lithium batteries, reducing the explosion coefficient of electric vehicles

- Aug 14, 2019-

Since the country entered the hot summer weather, news about the fire of electric vehicles has emerged endlessly. What causes the electric car to catch fire frequently? In life, most people's mobile phones, laptops, electric vehicles, etc., use lithium batteries, and the phenomenon of lithium battery explosion and fire is collectively referred to as "thermal runaway." Although the technical level of lithium batteries is getting stronger and stronger, the failure of batteries is still unavoidable.

What is the cause of the lithium battery fire? Due to the high ambient temperature, the stored energy of the battery is suddenly out of control due to thermal runaway. At this time, the "black gold" material with excellent performance - graphene comes forward, putting "fireproof clothing" on the lithium battery, effectively reducing the explosion coefficient of the lithium battery.

A university in the United States released a research report on graphene, which fully expressed the use of graphene to encapsulate lithium cobalt oxide cathode particles in lithium batteries, and the principle that oxygen atoms could not be exuded from graphene sheets to prevent oxygen release from the cathode of the battery and avoid release. The oxygen is combined with other flammable materials inside the battery to reduce the coefficient of fire. People have to sigh one sentence: actually there is this operation!

Today, global research in the field of battery materials has not made a breakthrough, and graphene composite lithium batteries will be the focus of future research. After years of efforts by researchers, experiments have shown that graphene has a certain auxiliary effect on the improvement of battery performance. This provides researchers with a new research idea. Looking forward to the future, graphene battery technology is bound to show new progress, and it will be applied to life scenes in the future.

The magical material of graphene has a huge effect on human beings, but it has not been able to achieve large-scale applications due to limited technical reasons. If you can make a technological breakthrough in the field of graphene composite batteries, it is a gospel for humans! In the future, with the development of technology, the excellent performance of graphene has been developed and will be widely used in various scenes of life. We look forward to the early arrival of this day!