A Breakthrough In The Research On In-situ Detection Technology Of Energy Storage Batteries In China's Electricity And Technology Institutes

- Aug 10, 2017-

On July 27, led by China electric power research institute, institute of microelectronics, Chinese academy of sciences, Beijing nonferrous metal research institute jointly bear the state grid corporation of science and technology project "lithium ion battery storage in situ testing technology research" passed the acceptance.The research results of the project have filled the gap in the basic research of in-situ detection technology in energy storage battery.

Battery in situ testing refers to the original installation position, the battery in no damage, no disturbance or less disturbance battery under the condition of the original state, through the sensor detection means determination indexes such as parameters, accurate analysis and judgment of real-time performance and status of the battery.The safety problems in the use of lithium ion batteries have always been noticed, and existing battery monitoring can only monitor the voltage and temperature of the battery.Due to the complexity of battery internal reaction mechanism and performance of recession and external characteristic parameters are difficult to directly reflect the safety of the battery status and the stage of life, unable to track the whole process of diagnosis using battery life cycle and the battery safety warning in advance.

The project focus on lithium ion battery internal temperature and pressure detection, based on the battery internal temperature and external pressure of two kinds of lithium ion battery storage in situ detection technology, development of optical fiber sensor to detect internal temperature and flexible pressure sensor to detect the external pressure.Through research and cell compatibility with electrolyte encapsulation experiment, optimization of optical fiber sensor and flexible structure and form of pressure sensor, solve the problem of the light sensors implanted, realization of sensors embedded into and battery sample trial production;The design and development of the battery state monitoring and early warning system are completed, and the feasibility scheme is verified by experiment.

Project results for subsequent research laid the foundation of theory and practice, for the future implementation battery in the process of running in situ detection provides the beneficial exploration, to guarantee the safe operation of electric power energy storage with lithium ion batteries is of great significance.