A European Union Tariff On Imports Of Solar Panels From China Could Be Delayed Until 2019

- Jun 27, 2018-

The European commission is considering a new expiry review of trade measures aimed at restricting imports of Chinese photovoltaic products to the eu that could last until 2019, Reuters reported.

The European commission imposed anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Chinese photovoltaic products in December 2013.The measures were supposed to have ended in December 2015, but regulators initiated an expiry review.In March 2017, the eu reached a decision to phase out these trade measures within 18 months, ending them by September 2018.

Reuters quotes sources as saying that at least one European Union solar panel maker has called for a new expiry review.That came shortly after China decided to limit new solar capacity in 2018.

Some market research companies say the global solar market is facing a new wave of oversupply.Both EnergyTrend and GTM Research have cut their forecasts for China's solar demand by 40%.