A New Breakthrough In Solar Cell Technology

- Aug 09, 2017-

German scientists invented the use solar energy to recharge the phone translucent colored lenses, lens of organic solar cells have a microprocessor and two power monitor, display the sun light intensity and environment temperature, the lens can even use solar energy to charge their phone.The researchers say the technology may lay the groundwork for further solar applications, such as embedding organic solar cells in Windows or glass skylights.

Organic solar cells can be powered by solar power, which is characterized by transparency, light weight, and can be made into different colors and shapes.It can replace heavier, more rigid silicon solar cells in a wider range of areas.

Researchers at the karlsruhe institute of technology in Germany used the sunglasses as a sample to show the application of organic solar cells."We use this solar technology to fill the gaps in other solar technologies," said Dr. Alexander kexman, who heads the institute's optical technology organic solar panel.The smart solar glasses can be self negative energy, so as to measure and display the intensity of sunlight and temperature, the indoor illumination conditions as low as 500 lux (general office or living environment illumination) work as well.Even in indoor, the two lenses can also generate 200 gigawatts of electricity, respectively, it is enough to recharge, such as hearing AIDS or a pedometer, lens thickness is 1.6 mm, weight is 6 g, there is a difference and ordinary lens, therefore also has commercial value.The microprocessors and displays are embedded in the temples of the glasses, showing the light intensity and ambient ambient temperature in a histogram.

A doctoral students assist in developing solar glasses dominique. Randall said: "our research and development of solar glasses is to show that organic solar cells cannot be applied in the traditional photovoltaic cells is how to work in the field of", its mechanical flexible, according to the different specific requirements and formulate the corresponding color, transparency, shape and size, organic solar cells also be closely watched.

Another application of solar cells is to incorporate them into the building, says prof koxman.The problem for researchers is that the facade of glass high-rise buildings often requires shading and how to use organic solar cells to convert light energy into electricity.Researchers at the Massachusetts institute of technology is to make efforts, in 2013, micro system technology laboratory at the Massachusetts institute of technology researchers claim that they are creating a Windows or electronics can be transformed to the generator of transparent solar cells.Materials in the energy system research center of organic solar cells and semiconductor components for the engineers of the basic research, the future need to do is use volume of technology for large objects on the surface of organic solar cells.