A New Type Of Glass Brick Battery May Be A New Option For Solar Power Generation

- Aug 21, 2017-

We've seen solar panels, solar roofs and other products that can be used to convert solar energy into electricity.

But most of the building's surface is exposed to sunlight, so scientists say there are still more options available.

Researchers at the university of Exeter in the UK have developed a new product that can be used to replace opaque brick walls with solar glass bricks.

Known as Solar Squared, the transparent brick contains multiple optical components, each focusing sunlight onto a single Solar cell.

All the units within each brick are connected, and the bricks themselves can connect to each other, eventually converting the solar energy into electricity, and the electricity can be transferred back to the grid.

Although most of the sunlight goes straight through the transparent brick to illuminate the interior of the building, it can be added to the interior surface to prevent the room from overheating.

The researchers say they can be better insulated than traditional glass bricks.

Researchers are currently looking for partners to conduct business testing.

They hope to provide the finished product sometime next year.