A New Type Of High Temperature Resistant Lithium Ion Battery Diaphragm Was Developed By Shanghai Silicate Institute Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences

- Apr 28, 2018-

Zhu Yingjie team with huazhong university of science and technology of the Shanghai institute of ceramics Hu Xian luo team, successfully developed a new type of hydroxyapatite long nanowires high-temperature lithium ion battery diaphragm.The research results have been published in advanced materials and applied for a patent for invention.

According to introducing, the cell membrane has many advantages, such as good flexibility, high mechanical strength, high porosity, electrolyte wettability and adsorption performance, high thermal stability, good resistance to high temperature, under the high temperature of 700 ℃ can still maintain its structural integrity.

Cell membrane is the key to ensure the safety of the battery and affect battery performance material, the commercialization of lithium-ion battery diaphragm is mainly polyolefins organic membrane, but it may cause short circuit batteries, serious when can cause fire or explosion accidents, etc.

Using new hydroxyapatite long nanowires high-temperature battery diaphragm assembly, than the battery has better electrochemical performance of polypropylene diaphragm assembly, cycle stability and rate performance.More importantly, the new battery has excellent thermal stability, can withstand high temperature, can maintain normal working condition in 150 high temperature environment, and light the small bulb.It can be expected that if the new battery separator is adopted, the electrolyte and electrode materials with high temperature can be matched, which can further significantly improve the working temperature and safety of the battery.

Experts say the work is important to significantly improve the working temperature range of lithium-ion batteries and the safety of lithium-ion batteries.