A Second Solar-powered Electric Plane Made Its First Test Flight

- Aug 29, 2018-

Just a few months after the first flight of the Sun Flyer 2 prototype, Bye Aerospace reported that another of its aircraft had made its first test flight.StratoAirNet's highly solar power demonstrator is being developed for long-term durable commercial and government security needs and will operate as an "atmospheric satellite" drone.Applications of StratoAirNet's "atmospheric satellite" include communications relay, Internet, mapping, search and rescue, fire command, and each wing of the prototype is fitted with a SolAero efficient PV battery with a 15-metre wingspan, and the prototype is flown in demonstration over the northern Colorado area airport.


The prototype has a lightweight composite structure and a 15-meter (50-foot) wingspan, with a SolAero efficient photovoltaic cell built in.Under ideal daylight conditions at high altitudes, the array is said to provide about 2,000 watts of power for sustained flight.

Although the aircraft in the area of northern Colorado made its debut at the airport and the subsequent test was carried out in the test, but it is destined to become "atmospheric satellite" unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), play a supporting role in the long range tasks, including communications relay, the Internet, surveying and mapping, search and rescue, fire command and control, anti-poaching monitoring, bad weather tracking, agriculture monitoring, measurement and overflow detection mineral sources.

Compared with traditional systems, the StratoAirNet aircraft and the sister Solesa pilot system should have lower unit costs, as well as lower operating costs, lower heat and noise characteristics and higher availability, said Bye Aerospace.