A Slowdown In Single-crystal Prices Will Need To Focus On The Impact Of Policies On The Market

- Dec 27, 2017-

According to EnergyTrend analysis, single supply chain of slightly stabilizing price trend this week, but the demand is still weak, small and medium-sized factory price is still lower, so the single crystal drop speed slow just because profit was already close to cost line.by contrast, a line of manufacturer to benefit from China, India and Japan market demand, and part of overseas deferred order, order visibility to the lunar calendar years ago, so the price is expected to stabilize extend to January.This week, the mainland has announced a fall in FiT for 2018, a key policy issue in the United States before the lunar calendar year, which has a huge impact on the market and needs attention.

单晶价格跌势放缓 近期需关注政策对市况影响

Silicon material

The price of silicon was up in December when orders were in good condition and demand was in short supply.Parts supply reasons include silicon LiaoChang because the self-provided power plant fault and affect production, and to ensure that the material sources of monocrystalline silicon chip companies purchasing action is to let the uneven situation of supply and demand.At present, the silicon price of monocrystalline silicon wafers is rmb153-158 / kg, and the silicon price of polycrystal is RMB 147-154/ kg, and the price of Chinese overseas silicon is USD 14.5-18.6/ kg.

The wafer

The polysilicon wafer maintains a stable price under the demand.Despite the increase in the production of kong wire, the switch to vajra will increase the proportion of the production capacity, making it still the main bottleneck in the supply of polysilicon tablets.

The price of single-crystal silicon chip faucet was stable at RMB 5.3-5.5/ PC, and USD 0.71-0.73/ PC in USD.The general price of second-line plant is rmb5.1-5.3 / PC.But some small and medium-sized factories will be able to get the price down to rmb4.8-5 / PC at the end of the year.However, prices are expected to hold steady next week amid rising demand for single-crystal products.


The price of this week's battery price is still focused on monocrystalline products.The price of multi-crystal battery is stable, and the multi-crystal battery chip is rmb1.66-1.7 /W and USD 0.216-0.22/w.However, the price of single crystal PERC battery price has broken below rmb1.8/ W in the process of the continuous bidding of lu factory.At present, the price of single crystal PERC battery in mainland China is RMB 1.75-1.9/ W, and the single crystal PERC battery chip of Taiwan factory has been stabilized at USD 0.25-0.265/ W.


Component prices are stable this week, as there are various ways to transfer orders, allowing the production to be platoon to January, making orders stable.However, as the distribution of the Chinese mainland is drawing to a close, the small and medium-sized component factories have reported insufficient visibility of orders in January and are more concerned about the market.China has officially reduced the FIT of the distributed system and has requested that it be implemented from 2018/1/1, but it is expected that such demand will continue and there will be demand from this year's deferred frontrunner project.