A Smart Recycling Bin For Solar Garbage Classification On The Streets Of Nanjing

- Aug 14, 2017-

China energy storage network: solar energy as a green clean energy, people's favor, various solar products emerge.Recently, a kind of solar garbage classification intelligent recycling bin appeared in nanjing changjiang road.

It is understood that the new console is a group of five, were used to put in the paper, fabric, bottles, hazardous waste and other waste, also after full automatic warning to the background, to remind the staff timely collector.The recycling bin is about 1 meter high and the top is a solar panel of about 0.5 square meters.When the hand is close to the mouth, the door will automatically feel open.Because is different, each console is positive with a paper, fabric, bottles, hazardous waste and other waste five categories, and classified in graphic way to show the name contains specific items.For example, old cartons, milk cartons, old books, etc belong to paper;Rechargeable batteries, cosmetics, fluorescent tubes and other hazardous waste;Snack boxes, napkins, cigarette butts and other trash.

On the Yangtze river, there are ten of these classified smart recycling bins.According to the staff of the xuanwu district garbage classification office, it is hoped that this way will change the habits of more citizens and further promote garbage classification.And changjiang road will make the whole district garbage classification demonstration road.

Liu hong, head of the nanjing project of China Tianying Inc., which runs the smart recycling box, said the biggest feature of the recycling bin is the use of solar energy to achieve intelligent functions.On the one hand, the solar panel is used to support the automatic response of the drop port, on the other hand, it is mainly used to support the GPS positioning and automatic alarm system of the recycle bin.After all the 240 litres of space are filled, the recycling bins will automatically alert the staff in time for timely delivery.The recycle bin has an auxiliary power interface. If the solar power is not enough in continuous rain, it can be charged by external power source.