ACME, An Indian Solar Developer, Has Filed A Complaint Against Import Duties

- Dec 20, 2017-

Energy storage net news: economic times reported that India's solar developers Acme clean technology solutions company has to pay court chennai port import tariffs on solar panels and components to appeal.

Acme has filed a lawsuit against jinnai customs officials at the madras high court.Since September 12, the company has been required to provide bank guarantees as import duties and temporary deposits to distribute goods at ports.

Being imported into the classification of the tariff is the cause of solar panels and components changed, from them without a tariff category into motor and generator categories, and these categories of products must pay 7.5% of the import duties and other fees.

"Economic daily", said the chennai customs classification has been adopted by some other port again, even if the new energy and renewable energy minister, has written to the financial department want to restore the previous classification.

While many other companies have also been affected, Acme is the only solar developer to take legal action, according to reports.Most of the solar panels used in India come from abroad because of its limited manufacturing capacity and inability to provide global prices.