AGM Battery Is Better Than Flooded Battery For Motorcycle

- May 27, 2020-

Like any type of vehicle, motorcycles need to have a reliable and efficient battery to keep up with its demands. Bikes are often subjected to rugged and bumpy rides; they are also forced to work under extreme conditions. It is important for them to have a battery that can operate to these kinds of conditions.

Otherwise, the battery they use will have a very low survival rate due to shortening battery life significantly. So, to equip your motorcycle with a battery that can keep with its demands, make sure to choose the suitable type of battery.

Here we are going to take a look at AGM motorcycle batteries. We are going to see why it’s beneficial to use an AGM battery for a motorcycle. Taking an in-depth look at the advantages that absorbent glass batteries offer over than their lead-acid battery counterparts.

This article will also explain the chemical structure of an AGM battery to understand why is it more beneficial to use compared to other types of battery.

The Chemical Structure of An AGM Power Cell

An AGM or absorbent glass mat battery is a variant of VRLA (valve-regulated lead acid) battery that features a unique construction. This battery type only contains enough liquid to keep it battery plates wet with electrolyte. It features a construction that allows electrolyte be suspended in close proximity with the active materials of its battery plates.

With this unique construction, the battery’s discharge and recharge efficiency are enhanced. This construction and chemical structure make this battery more efficient and a lot safer to use due to the absence of liquid that may leak once the housing gets broken.

Best replacement for AGM battery is LiFePO4 battery




Structure:4S2P by prismatic cell

Cell Model:IFP-23140160 -50AH

Size (L*W*H) :490*171*240mm


Advantages of Using AGM Motorcycle Batteries

In this section of the article, we are going to take a look at the benefits and advantages that an AGM motorcycle battery has to offer for adults. Here we are going to understand why is it more advantageous to use an AGM motorcycle battery than using a flooded type of battery. To find out about these different advantages and benefits, they are all listed and explained below.

● A Lot Safer to Use – Motorcycle power cells are often subjected to extreme operating conditions as well as rugged and bumpy rides. Due to this reasons, the risk of the batteries getting damaged because of extreme vibrations is very high. Using a flooded lead-acid battery on motorcycles can lead to leakage of battery fluids. An AGM type of battery has a unique chemical structure that allows it to have a dry interior, eliminating the risk of having dangerous battery fluids to leak when the housing gets broken.

● Maintenance Free – Absorbent glass mat or AGM batteries are designed to have low upkeep requirements or to be maintenance-free because of having a unique chemical structure. They will not require you to regularly check their electrolyte levels and refill their battery cells with water. Unlike their lead-acid counterparts which can be very demanding and inconvenient to use.

● No Risk of Overheating – Unlike a lead-acid battery that can overheat if its electrolyte or water level is low. An AGM (absorbent glass mat) battery eliminates this risk by having a unique chemical structure that does not have a liquid type of electrolyte. They can be charged or discharged without worrying about overheating which boosts the batteries productivity.

● Better Performance – A lot of battery experts say that AGM batteries offer better performance compared to lead-acid batteries. The unique chemical structure and excellent precision assembly they feature allows them to have a better flow of electrons enabling them to offer excellent performance.

● Longer Life Expectancy – AGM power cells also offer longer life expectancy than lead-acid power cells. This is because wet cell power cells are exposed to more factors that can shorten their lifespan compared to absorbent glass mat power cells that are more secure. As mentioned above, the risk of overheating is there for wet cell batteries; they are also more vulnerable to sulfation and corrosion which are both the common factors that significantly shorten battery life.

● Holds Charge Better – Another great thing about an AGM battery is that it can hold its charge better compared to other types of the power cell. If user won’t use it or operate the battery daily, they don’t have to worry about continuously the power cell.


By taking a look at those benefits and advantages listed above. We can clearly see that using an AGM battery for a motorcycle is more beneficial. Aside from that, it can lower the maintenance cost of your motorcycle; this is a type of power cell that can keep up with all the demands of your bike.