AGV Is A Necessary Tool For Flexible Manufacturing And Automatic Warehousing

- Nov 01, 2017-

With the arrival of industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry is developing rapidly in a more efficient, intelligent and rapid direction.

In foreign auto industry, electronic appliance industry, engineering machinery and other industries have a large number of industrial robot automation production line, to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

In domestic manufacturing industry also began to constantly improve the degree of automation, especially in some requirements precision electronic components production enterprises, basically all is the use of the manipulator, AGV robot industrial robots, etc.

AGV is a necessary tool for flexible manufacturing and automatic warehousing

Industry 4.0 will make all the links of production and manufacturing through the Internet of things and other technologies to form high flexibility, personalized and intelligent products and service modes.

Mick force the United States believe that small and medium-sized enterprises began to introduce "industrial 4.0" concept, can produce orders from smart, smart, intelligent logistics to carry out the three aspects, to achieve information exchange, simplify the whole process of production, greatly enhance the efficiency of resource utilization and production.

First, through the intelligent interconnection of industry 4.0, the e-commerce system and the production system can realize data interchange and realize smart ordering.

Second by product processing, finished product assembly robots, robot letter of radio frequency identification RFID chips, the visual inspection of products, product material transport line and the production management system of intelligent production line.

The third AGV car, three-dimensional warehouse, stacker, lifting equipment (lift or lift), storage system and other components of intelligent logistics.

AGV car is a flexible manufacturing system, automatic warehousing systems as a link and an essential tool for continuous mixing materials homework, are used in many areas, is one of the most widely used in the auto industry accounts for about 57%.

Mick force us understand Japan's auto industry to the AGV car to the world's highest density of up to 1584 units/all men, of the Italian car industry AGV car density as high as 1215 m/ten thousand, the U.S. auto industry AGV car density as high as 1176 PCS / 1176 people, and the AGV density of auto industry in our country is only 70 PCS/ten thousand, visible AGV car in our country has a large potential space.

Mick force beauty as a famous domestic supplier of AGV system of natural AGV car industry should be grasped this big cake, so for the auto industry specifically formulated the AGVS based for carrying tools, automatic assembly line of a car.

The multi - meter - mikelimei AGV trolley is operated with the control system to carry out the transportation of various material parts, mainly involving parts, body, engine and other parts.

The AGV car automatically infiltrates into the car under the specific stage of the auto parts loading area, and lifts it out of the garage with its own lifting rod.

The AGV trolley carries all kinds of accessories to the corresponding production line.

The AGV trolley will pull the finished finished product back to the finished unloading area.

After completing a production line task, the AGV car will continue to load in the parts loading area, or to recharge the charging area, or replace the battery.

It is understood that the AGV system, which can save 20% of the assembly time, reduces the assembly failure by 39%, reduces the labor force by 15%, and returns the investment return for six months.