AGV Transport Robot Development And Mode Of Production Transformation

- Dec 07, 2017-

In the present most of the traditional industries, as if a light beacon, will vigorously promote the early realization of industrial automation, digital, intelligent, universal access to lay the foundation for the construction of intelligent manufacturing.As the current production mode to flexible, intelligent, precise, build intelligent manufacture is a fundamental feature of the new system is imminent, construction industry around the world demand for industrial robots would increase greatly.

AGV has been able to enter the niche enterprises that traditional robots have not been exposed to because of its low energy consumption and small volume.And from niche, the application of industrial robots in domestic has been widely used in rubber plastic, war industry, medical equipment, metal products and other fields, but in many areas, the auto industry is one of the largest consumer industries, industrial robot market still no.2 electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, metal manufacturing industry ranked third.

The AGV car as a kind of industrial robots, natural its advantage is self-evident, mainly used in: aerospace, automotive, electronics, optoelectronics, and other fields, than manual handling, electric forklift walking speed, high work efficiency.AGV has the ability of lifting and stabilization, and it can be used for multiple agvs. It is convenient, safe and efficient to use.