Akasol, Germany, Makes Lithium-ion Battery Systems For Daimler's Subsidiary

- Apr 16, 2018-

Germany's Akasol is making lithium-ion battery systems for EvoBus, a subsidiary of Daimler, which plans to unveil a new Citaro bus at the IAA commercial show in September.The bus will be equipped with up to 10 Akasol AKASYSTE MOEM battery packs (maximum capacity of 243 KWH).The vehicle technology can meet the high demand of high performance charging and discharging, energy density and service life.

Akasol opened a commercial vehicle battery system production plant in Langen, Germany, in the fall of 2017.The facility has an annual capacity of up to 300 megawatts.Akasol says it is the largest manufacturing plant in Europe for lithium-ion batteries for commercial vehicles.

The EvoBus has been working on developing, testing and verifying AKASYSTE MOEM battery systems.The Akasol Citaro battery system can be quickly charged to meet user needs and can provide additional equipment such as air conditioning and electrical systems.The vehicle can be fitted with six to 10 battery packs, some mounted on top of the car and the other at the back, with a range of about 150km (93 miles).

According to a study by consulting firm pricewaterhousecoopers, there are currently 200 electric buses in German public transport, but more than 20,000 diesel buses.And the number of electric vehicles is expected to double this year.Meanwhile, cities such as Hamburg have announced that they will only deploy new zero-emission vehicles such as citaro-cell by 2020.