Aksai Signed A 2.8 Billion Yuan Agreement For The Development Of The Photothermal Power Generation Projec

- May 25, 2018-

Recently, a thoroughly county and CGNPC new energy gansu branch signed a total investment of 2.8 billion yuan, the construction capacity of 100 megawatts molten salt tower solar-thermal power generation project development framework agreement, this is a thoroughly county second solar-thermal power generation development framework agreement signed this year.

Due to the high temperature molten salt has good thermal conductivity and flow characteristics, and has high specific heat and density, can store instability of solar energy into heat energy, so the molten salt tower power no matter during the day, or night, cloudy day can power generation, overcome the traditional power form there is wind or sunshine to generate electricity.

It is reported, to fully promote the solar-thermal power generation base construction, this year, a thoroughly county investment of 100 million yuan in four miles gobi solar thermal industrial park to build 5 road, and supporting the construction of gas stations in the zone, mobile communications and other infrastructure.So far, there have been gold vanadium solar-thermal company in gansu, China power engineering consulting group co., LTD., China power engineering consulting group in northwest electric power design institute co., LTD., and other 13 enterprises base, and the early stage of the work.