Akuo Energy Received Three Solar Energy Storage Projects In Indonesia

- Jun 20, 2018-

Akuo energy, a French power producer, recently accepted a mandate from Indonesia to build three solar energy storage microgrids.These projects will power the villages of Merabu, Long Beliu and Teluk Sumbang in Indonesia.

It is understood that Akuo energy started work on three projects in December 2016 after signing a cooperation agreement with the Indonesian company founded by the Indonesian government, the Millenium Challenge Account (MCA).

The projects, which combine photovoltaic systems with lithium-ion batteries, will benefit villages in Indonesia's remote Berau region.The three villages have a total population of only 460 households, mainly consisting of fishermen, laborers and farmers.

According to the project leader, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation is 1.2 megawatts, capacity 2.One MWH, these three micro-grid projects provide 24 hours of reliable solar power per day.

Until these micro-grid projects were developed, these villages had to use only the electricity produced by diesel generators.In addition, high fuel costs mean that paying for these generators accounts for 30% of villagers' monthly income.

"This project is at the heart of Akuo's mission and values.The three Indonesian villages will be gradually electrified.We help isolated villages gain basic environmental needs and begin the industrialization phase of the solution mix.We look forward to the early completion of these projects to bring convenience to the villagers."Said Akuo energy President and co-founder