Analysis Of Lithium-ion Battery Market

- Nov 07, 2016-

With New energy automotive market launched, lithium-ion battery industry get into a new golden period. On the one hand, lithium-ion battery has become the most important battery type in new energy vehicles, the outbreak of new energy automotive industry opened up the growth of lithium-ion battery space. On the other hand, from the original consumer electronics market into the automotive market, lithium enterprises need to upgrade the comprehensive ability, which will improved the operating efficiency.

Automotive lithium-ion power battery has a greater cost reduction. In the ideal case, there is more than 40% decline in space in the current cost of lithium-ion battery. On the one hand, this will weaken the government subsidies on the development of new energy automotive industry in the effectiveness of the path more market-oriented; On the other hand, to meet the market quality requirements, the enterprise with good cost control in the competition will be expected to come to the fore.

Industry lithium-ion battery capacity expansion is optimistic, but also cautious. From the perspective of product manufacturing, we will lithium-ion battery manufacturers have the ability, from low to high is divided into three levels:

  (1).have sufficient capacity

  (2).competent engineering capability

  (3).have the ability to lead the market