Analysis Of Power Battery Technology Development.

- Jul 22, 2019-

1. Ternary and lithium iron phosphate battery technology maturity is high. In the field of automotive power battery, lithium battery has become the mainstream. And the main battery types of international mainstream power battery enterprises are basically lithium iron phosphate and lithium ternary battery. From the perspective of the Chinese market, lithium iron phosphate and ternary battery are still the mainstream of automotive power batteries.
2. Solid-state batteries are now the focus of the layout, as its potential technology advantages. Compared with traditional lithium battery, solid lithium battery is characterized by the use of solid electrolyte materials. When the electrode and electrolyte materials used are solid and do not contain any liquid group, it is all solid lithium battery. Solid electrolytes have changed the traditional structure of lithium batteries, and the diaphragm, liquid electrolyte and other components are no longer necessary, that’s bringing huge technological advantages. Due to the current bottleneck of lithium iron phosphate and tri-element lithium batteries, as well as the potential advantages of solid state batteries, many enterprises in the industrial chain involving power batteries, automobiles and energy in Europe, America, Japan and Korea, China and other countries are actively developing and developing solid state batteries. On the whole, the production and preparation maturity of solid lithium battery still needs to be strengthened, and the large-scale and automatic production line still needs further research and development, which is still in the industry accumulation period. With the development of R&D technology and industrial production, the performance and production of solid state batteries will be gradually optimized, ushering in opportunities in the power battery market.
3. Summary:
From the perspective of technological development, ternary and lithium iron phosphate batteries have dominated the automotive power battery market currently. They two have become the main technical route of the mainstream enterprises, and the enterprises are further laying out the two technical routes.
From the perspective of development, ternary and lithium iron phosphate battery technology has made a breakthrough, but there is still room for further improvement, the industrial competition will continue for a period of time.
According to the layout of new battery technology, solid state battery has technological advantages and can solve many problems faced by the current industry. But, from the perspective of industrial development, solid state batteries are in the industry accumulation period, and there are still many problems to be solved in technology and industrial support.

Battery enterprises should actively lay out the research and development of the next generation battery while improving the performance of the existing technology route products, so as to occupy the dominant position in the next round of competition. Government departments should rely on science and technology plan (special, fund), relevant innovation and high-tech industry development and so on many kinds of ways, encouraged enterprises, research institutes and institutions of higher learning and other key materials in power battery, battery monomer and system key technology research and development, and actively promote sulfur solid-state batteries, lithium batteries, metal air batteries and other new products and new materials preparation, production technology, detection of engineering and industrialization of key technologies and equipment, engineering technical ability construction, promote the whole industry chain and promote power battery new technology and new products in the application of the project demonstration.