Maxim Releases Latest NanoPower Real-Time Clock, Delivering Industry's Smallest Package And Longest Battery Life

- Oct 22, 2019-

MaximIntegrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) Announces the MAX31341BnanoPower Real-Time Clock (RTC) to Extend Battery Life and Save Power in Space-Constrained System Designs for Wearables, Medical Monitors, Retail Terminal (POS) Devices, and Portable Terminals And space. Compared with the smallest RTC solution on the market today, the nanoPowerRTC has a volume reduction of more than 35% and a working current consumption of less than 180nA, which effectively reduces the timing burden of the central microcontroller and saves power and battery life during sleep.

• Systems that use a microcontroller to achieve accurate timing consume a lot of battery power, which is unacceptable in wearable applications. This approach is not an effective solution, especially for small battery powered systems. The MAX31341B features industry-leading power management circuitry that maintains timing during sleep and shuts down the microcontroller, saving power and extending battery life. The RTC is available in a 2mm x 1.5mm wafer level package that is more than 35% smaller and helps reduce system development time.

Main advantage

Long battery life: Compared to the nearest competitor, the operating current is reduced by 18% to less than 180nA. The MAX31341B's chrono-current allows continuous operation for more than 10 hours in the standard button lithium battery power mode.

Small size solution: The device minimizes external circuitry by integrating load capacitance, trickle charger, power management, and 64-byte RAM

· Precise timing: The timing accuracy is 100ppm (parts per million) in the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C (based on external crystal oscillator).


"Extended system battery life has been a constant challenge for small-scale electronics developers. Any solution that extends battery life by increasing circuit efficiency will be the focus of next-generation systems," said IHSMarkit senior analyst Kevin Anderson.

"Maxim's real-time clock provides accurate timing and extends battery life and saves energy, making it ideal for applications that require constant operation, space and power consumption," said Binay Bajaj, Director of Business Management, MaximIntegrated Core Products Group. "As the industry's only RTC with power management features, this device can reduce the timing load of the application processor and maintain an effective timing when the device is turned off."