Anhui Hefei First Green Energy Station Will Operate At The End Of The Year

- Sep 21, 2017-

China energy storage net news: 19, learned from hefei city and countryside is built appoint that hefei binhu new area energy projects are stages in the construction of core area, project planning for "three stand two nets", which set the three modes of heating energy station, will each power station by means of annular pipe network interconnected.At present, no. 3 energy station has already started construction and planned to debug the operation at the end of the year. Many of the indicators will fill the gaps in the relevant fields in China.

Hefei binhu new area core area energy projects, plans a total investment of 930 million yuan, the power planning area of 5 million square meters, the ground source heat pump, the sewage-source heat pump, water energy, natural gas distributed energy and other renewable and clean energy, renewable energy accounts for more than 50%, achieved can complement each other, has the characteristics of low carbon energy saving, green environmental protection.The regional energy system is to build energy stations and concentrate on supplying energy to users. The energy utilization mode is more intensive and has the characteristics of low carbon energy saving and environmental protection.

"The distribution capacity of the regional energy system is 70% lower than that of the traditional distributed air conditioning system, which alleviates the pressure on the power supply in the region.At the same time, the regional energy project plan has a water storage system, which plays an active role in regulating the power load of peak valley and reducing the daily peak power consumption.The project's head, ge shulu, said.

It is understood that the project is 5 million square meters of air conditioning can use, all for clean energy, realize the scale, efficiency, renewable energy and clean energy use, highlight the advantages of green environmental protection, low carbon energy saving in the area of, at the same time, also can meet the requirements of green building star-level users.

"The energy stations are all located in the municipal public green area, all of which adopt the underground construction, which is integrated with the park greening.Not occupying land resources."GeShaoLu is introduced in the underground power station with the ground landscape planting of cohesion, planning a new energy science promenade, provide programs show and public participation in the platform, popular science tourist resources of rich binhu new area.The construction of the regional energy system can also reduce the size of buildings in the machine room, reduce the capacity of air conditioning and distribution, reduce air conditioning investment by about 50%, and reduce the cost of air conditioners by about 30%.