Anhui Province Contains A New Round Of Photovoltaic Power Generation

- Oct 23, 2017-

China energy storage net news: reporter recently learned from containing mountain power supply company that so far, including mountain of new photovoltaic FuPinDian 39, the total capacity of 4032.38 mw photovoltaic power station for poverty alleviation through acceptance, all connected to the grid.

This is a new generation of photovoltaic (pv) power station and network construction project, which was organized by shaoshan county, since it was connected to the 15 poverty-stricken village photovoltaic power stations in June 30 this year.

In order to ensure the new 39 photovoltaic power station according to the time node hooked up to the task, for poverty alleviation in mid-september, including power supply company organization construction team, concentration of construction materials, and construction of civil coordination difficulties, overcome rainy weather inversion period, working overtime, complete the electric power construction, the end of September a total capacity of 2 sets of distribution transformer and JP tank ancillary facilities, such as new pole 48 root, erect low line 2.5 km, low voltage cable laying 0.4 km;

At the same time, simplify the procedure of grid photovoltaic power station, the center office, the office, project completion, acceptance of a, interconnection, guarantee all the photovoltaic power station on time in time before all grid nodes.

According to the introduction, the new photovoltaic (pv) power plant in the mountains is expected to generate about 4 million kilowatt-hours of electricity in a year, adding 3.5 million yuan to the poor households.