Application Of UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply System In Defense And Military Field

- Nov 11, 2019-

The application of UPS uninterruptible power supply system in the field of defense and military. Since the global information age, UPS has been used more widely, including information industry, financial industry, communication system, national defense security, aerospace, transportation system and many other fields. In modern warfare, the level of informationization of command and control platforms, various weapon systems and various individual weapons at all levels has been continuously improved, the number has been increasing, and the demand for electrical energy has continued to increase. After leaving the power, the military operations will not be implemented properly, and the power supply guarantee will directly affect the entire battlefield situation. Therefore, the UPS uninterruptible power supply system plays an important role in the defense military field.

Status of power supply protection for UPS equipment systems in defense and military fields

First, the generator efficiency is low and the power supply network structure is unreasonable.

As the energy pressure of the Ministry of National Defense increases year by year, the pursuit of efficient generator sets is becoming more and more urgent. When using the generator set for power supply, a single generator set is used to separately supply power to a specific building or load. The generator power and load are poorly matched, and the phenomenon of “large horse-drawn car” often occurs, resulting in low generator interest rate. A huge waste.

Second, the fuel supply is difficult, and the logistical support burden is too heavy.

With the increase of global military missions, the scope of operations involves the rest of the world, and the battlefields and bases are expanding overseas. Fuel replenishment has become the biggest problem in logistics support. Among them, the "oil tiger" with the largest fuel consumption and can not be interrupted is the generator set that provides energy for communication, command system and domestic electricity. Among them, the transportation of fuel uses the entire military capacity of more than 50%.

Third, the security risks are huge, and transportation costs are more expensive.

Huge fuel demand must be secured by a large number of transport vehicles and personnel. Because the fuel itself is a dangerous product, the fuel security team becomes the preferred target of the enemy attack and the weak link of the logistics support.

Application of UPS uninterruptible power supply system in defense and military field

The power security targets of the defense military office system include: military office automation, defense military center server, data storage service system, security monitoring system, security system and other power security systems.

The power of the military office system is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the entire national defense military. The system is the carrier for ensuring communication between the departments and the upper and lower levels. This information is highly developed, between the defense military agencies, the defense military and citizens. In the era of interconnection, when the system is shut down due to insufficient power security, then the basic data of national defense and military and major related matters will cause a certain degree of loss. Therefore, the construction of the UPS power supply security system is an important factor to ensure the normal operation of the defense military.

The importance of UPS power in the field of defense and military

General defense military power protection includes: ground satellite receiving station equipment, radar navigation equipment, base central control system and precision detection equipment, electronic monitoring and anti-virus servers, security equipment and so on. UPS power can effectively protect the defense military industry, effectively reducing maintenance costs and reducing the risk of data loss.

The UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply System provides the last-second solution for power defense for the Defense Forces business, ensuring zero-switching of the power supply to the equipment system to ensure proper operation of data and military services. The safety of terminal equipment and systems is ensured at the lowest cost, while reducing the cost of manual maintenance. It provides data support and decision-making basis for safeguarding national security.

In order to improve the national energy security, improve the reliability and efficiency of military power protection, and alleviate the pressure on the battlefield power supply, the UPS uninterruptible power supply equipment system has been adopted to improve the efficiency of equipment preparation, reduce power waste and use new energy to generate electricity. The intended purpose, saved troop costs, and reduced environmental damage.