Argentina Has Launched A 1.2 Million Kw Renewable Energy Project

- Sep 19, 2017-

China energy storage net news: as part of the last year launched "RenovAR" innovation, the government launched a 1.2 million kilowatts of renewable energy project subject to tender, including 450000 mw photovoltaic power generation project.

The resolution, published in the gazette, including 550000 kilowatts of 100000 mw wind power, biomass power generation, as well as 100000 biogas power generation and 15000 kw landfill biogas power generation, as well as 50000 kilowatts of small hydropower project.

Last year, the plan launched the first and 1.5 rounds of bidding, with a total of 2.5 million kilowatts of renewable energy installations, of which about 900,000 kilowatts were used for photovoltaic power generation.

This time, set the price ceiling, Argentina is $57.04 / mw photovoltaic project, $56.25 mw wind power, biomass is $110 / mw, biogas is $160 / mw, landfill biogas is $130 / mw, small hydropower for $105 per megawatt hour.

Geographically, the northwest has been selected as the development ground for a second solar project.

The second tender offer will be submitted by October 19, and the power purchase agreement will also be signed on November 29.

The second round of bidding projects will be supported by the renewable energy development fund (FODER), which is typically used to co-invest with developers and also as a guarantee for project PPA.

By the end of this year, Argentina aims to meet 8% of the electricity needs of renewable energy, compared with 20% in 2025.According to the latest figures, 59% of the country's electricity still comes from fossil fuels.