Armenia Develops Photovoltaic (pv) To Reduce Its Dependence On Russian Energy.

- Jan 25, 2018-

Armenia is actively adjusting its energy strategy to make full use of its solar energy resources to reduce its reliance on Russian energy, agence france-presse reported.

Armenia is located in the outer Caucasus and is a landlocked country.Its mineral resources are scarce, the only nuclear power plant is closed, and 83% of its gas is imported from Russia.In order to reduce external energy dependence, Armenia plans to actively develop renewable energy sources.

Armenia has more sunlight than most European countries.According to the government's calculations, the average solar energy rate in Armenia is 1720 KWH per square metre, well above the European average of 1,000 KWH.

According to the government's "energy roadmap", Armenia's renewable energy sources will account for 8 per cent of total domestic energy demand over the next four years.Its potential photovoltaic capacity could reach 3, 000 megawatts, not only to meet domestic demand, but also to help Armenia become an exporter of electricity.

Up to now, there are three photovoltaic projects in Armenia with a capacity of 1 mw.There are also seven new photovoltaic projects expected to be built this year.