Solar Garbage Trucks Can Make Plastic Waste Into Tiles

- Aug 12, 2019-

    Modern human life is inseparable from plastics Bags, bottles, etc. Some places have been surrounded by plastic garbage. The common method of handling plastic waste is landfill and incineration. Plastics are difficult to decompose and landfill. It will take hundreds of years to decompose; burning will also pollute the atmosphere. Is there a better treatment?

    A foreign company called Miniwiz designed a trash compressor Trashpresso, which can process plastic garbage and useless fabric into floor tiles. This machine is still operated by solar energy and is quite environmentally friendly.

    Trashpresso is a container-like platform that is 12 meters long and can be moved anywhere.In conlusion, it is a mobile garbage collection station that can be towed anywhere by truck.

    Trashpresso has built-in complete waste disposal equipment that processes plastic and waste fabrics into building tiles. The entire process uses solar energy and requires no additional power.

    It can handle 50 kilograms of plastic waste per hour, about 5 plastic bottles can make a floor tile, and 10 square meters of tiles can be made in 40 minutes.

The recovered plastic waste needs to be crushed first, then be cleaned and be dried, and the plastic is poured into the mold, and finally the tile is completed.

   The entire manufacturing process will only produce a small amount of wasted water. Finally, the wasted water will be discharged through quartz sand filtration and reverse osmosis ultrafiltration, and no pollution can be achieved after the completion of the process.

    It’s an exciting invention to turn a useless plastic bottle into a beautiful piece of tile.