You Can Use Your New Solar Ultra-thin Battery To Charge Your Phone In The Fulture

- Aug 12, 2019-

These days, our mobile phones can be used not only to make calls. Smartphones have become an important tool for detecting our health, interacting with our vehicles, and entering into the virtual world.

But the charging problems of mobile phones always bothers us.

Recently, some people have tried to charge a smartphone by wirelessly transmitting or capturing the kinetic energy of the user's motion. Now, researchers have invented a new way to use the surrounding light source to charge the phone.

According to foreign media reports, scientists at Dracula Technology in France have developed a new technology that uses light as a new energy response. In fact, it is a thin and flexible solar cell that can be manufactured using an inkjet printer.

These foldable sheets are not expensive, they are made of a unique conductive plastic that captures energy from solar and artificial light, making this technology more versatile. A layer can be printed on an electronic device, or a larger sheet can be attached to something that captures more light, such as a backpack. Then the backpack will be connected to the device.

You can also imagine printing it on a T-shirt and using it to charge your phone.

These solar cells can be printed in just one hour and can be customized to shape and color, or even transparent. Although researchers are still looking for ways to reduce solar charging time, they believe that this technology is almost ready for real-world applications.

The company's researcher BenDknil said in an interview: "In a few months, we should be able to charge smartphones."