AT Solar Is Developing A 250kW Solar Energy Storage Project In Sweden

- May 10, 2018-

Nilsson Energy, a Swedish company, works with AT Solar to build a photovoltaic project in Mariestad.This is a very special project: the generated solar energy will be stored in the battery and converted to hydrogen, charging the fuel cell vehicle.The project, known as "renewable energy 8760", will be built next to the existing hydrogen gas station in Sweden, the first project to generate hydrogen from a photovoltaic system.

AT Solar在瑞典开发250kW太阳能制氢气储能项目

, Mary is the stade municipal government for the project investment of 1.43 million euros, the company is located in Denmark's Better Energy company's sales director Jesper Sidenius said, the money will be used to install new photovoltaic device, not only but also will be used for installation of samsung SDI lithium cobalt nickel manganese oxide (NMC) battery Energy storage device, its capacity of 154 KWH.The installation of both devices will begin next week, AT Solar said.

To ensure the stable production of hydrogen, solar energy will be stored in the battery first.If the battery is 80 percent, hydrogen is produced.When the battery reaches 30%, the process stops.

The resulting gas is then compressed to 300 bars in the tank, equivalent to 700kg of storage capacity.It is estimated that the photovoltaic system can produce up to 40 tons of hydrogen per year, and fuel cell vehicles can travel about 4 million kilometers.The main advantage of this technology is that the hydrogen produced by the photovoltaic system in summer can be stored in the winter to recharge the vehicle.

Converting hydrogen into electricity is done by fuel cells, which can save about 60 percent of solar power and is a good way to store renewable energy for a long time.

Nilsson Energy is building an off-grid facility for electricity and heating for two kindergartens, which will be completed by 2021.