At The End Of September, Shenzhen Bus Made A Total Of 30 Percent Electric Taxis

- Aug 15, 2017-

For a long time, shenzhen adhering to the low carbon green, the concept of sustainable development, energy saving and new energy vehicles as the national first batch of 13 demonstrated and one of the pilot cities, promoting application of all kinds of new energy vehicles.According to the municipal government's deployment, the bus will be 100% electric in September.According to the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) announced the latest application new energy vehicles in 2017 by the shenzhen financial support policy, this year will expand new energy timeshare rental car, net about car scale, promote the time-sharing rental car before the car at the end of 2020, net all pure electric.

Shenzhen, as the first pilot city of new energy vehicle demonstration and promotion in China, has been gradually updated as a pure electric vehicle since 2012.Up to now, shenzhen has accumulated a total of 14,695 pure electric buses, with a pure electrification rate of 90%.According to the municipal government's deployment, in addition to retaining a small number of non-electric buses as emergency transportation, the bus will be 100% pure electric in September this year, when the number of electric buses will be about 16,000.

At present, there are 176 charging stations in the city, 3,354 charging piles, 1,1265 charging piles in construction, and there are still about 900.At the same time, the bus charging station of futian transportation hub has established a demonstration base for the application of new energy vehicles in the shenzhen public transport industry.

As of July 31, 2017, the number of electric taxis promoted in the city was 7,030, with a normal operating number of 5,487, accounting for 30.58% of the total number of taxis operating in shenzhen (17,942).In terms of charging pile construction, the main operational enterprise byd, southern power grid, putian, shuimu HuaCheng, deep power, peng yue can wait six, were put into use about 2192, the total number of public charging pile construction can be used for taxi charge pile of around 1900, mainly distributed in luohu, nanshan, longgang, longhua area.