Audi Says Talks With BYD Over Power Battery Cooperation

- Dec 17, 2019-

Wu Jiabi, president of Audi China, said in an interview that the company is negotiating with BYD on power batteries, but could not disclose more details. BYD said that everything is subject to the announcement.

Audi said that the company plans to cooperate with BYD in order to break the dependence on a single supplier. It is reported that the Audi Q2Le-tron, a pure electric vehicle that was just launched on November 18, is equipped with a power battery provided by Ningde Times.

In fact, as early as September this year, it was reported that Audi is in talks with BYD and plans to include the latter in its battery supplier. At that time, the news pointed out that BYD's power battery will be used for high-end models built on the PPE platform jointly developed by Audi and Porsche, and the first models will enter the market around 2021. In addition, the two also explored the possibility of deepening cooperation. Audi may invest in BYD's battery business unit or jointly set up a joint venture.

According to the Beijing News reporter, BYD has learned that BYD has certain advantages in power batteries. At present, BYD has realized platform development in electric vehicles. Its "e-platform" has realized the development and integration of the five core components of electric vehicles, with particular emphasis on the research and application of high-performance power battery development and safety.

In order to seek greater development space, BYD Power Battery Division is also planning to split from the group into an independent company. BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu once said that he plans to spin off the battery business of BYD in 2022, with a view to achieving rapid development in the global automotive industry transformation.

The industry believes that the current shipments of BYD's battery department mainly rely on its own new energy vehicles, and that it can cooperate with OEMs such as Audi to help the power battery division split and cooperate.