Australia Has 50 Per Cent Of The Electricity Storage Demand For Renewable Energy

- Nov 24, 2017-

China energy storage net news: Australia quoted the British "new fast network" the guardian and the Australian news network reported on November 21st, Australia's chief scientist finkel commissioned academic research committee, "said the report, issued by Australia in the case of no major energy storage requirements, renewable energy to generate electricity in the power grid can reach 50%.

The report pointed out that in order to improve the security and reliability of the power grid, the Australian government greater demand for electricity storage, but 50% of electricity by renewable energy, can be stored on a large scale without investment, to achieve the objective of the stability of power grid.

Report also pointed out that as countries power system according to the international climate policy commitment to carbon reduction, the safety of the power grid need to increase, this is a continuous task, which means that energy storage industry become an important global development.

The report also warns that Australia is losing the benefits of joining the global supply chain because of uncertainty over energy policy.

Emerging energy storage companies are also facing challenges, including how to get venture capital.

In October, the turnbull government abandoned finkel's proposed clean energy goal in favor of another new plan to cut electricity prices.

New plan calls for starting in 2020, energy retailers and large energy users must be more in terms of energy supply reliability, and to achieve emission reduction targets, and encourage enterprises to invest a new energy storage.

The government also plans to invest $3.6 billion, have extended their liddell) coal-fired power plants operating for 5 years, but the other received 20, according to a latest report for battery storage of solar heat and biological energy, clean energy plan cost is about 2.2 billion Australian dollars, it instead to extend lidle coal-fired power plant project, not only can be pollution levels from 40 million tons to zero pollution, still can save at least $1.3 billion.

On June 26, energy secretary fredenberg will meet with state energy chiefs to discuss whether there is a consensus on securing national energy.