Australia Is Launching The World's First Solar-powered Train To Accommodate 100 People

- Jan 05, 2018-

The Byron Bay Railroad Company in Australia has launched the world's first solar train and operates in the new south wales province.Although the driving distance is not long, it is an important breakthrough that proves that solar power can be actually used for transportation.

澳大利亚推出全球第一辆太阳能列车 可容纳百人

It is reported that the modified by diesel trains equipped with solar train had two diesel engine was replaced by the battery and motor, the roof covered by solar panels, car can seat 100 passengers, including 50 seats and 50 stance, the driving distance is 3 km.Engineers say that while the driving distance is short, the meaning is significant.

Solar-powered electric car RACES have been around for years, but powering cars with solar power is still difficult.On the one hand, the car needs a lot of energy, but the car is very heavy and small volume, can install solar panels on the surface of shortage, lead to produce enough power, so most solar electric vehicles, light like a bicycle.On the other hand, while the train is on a fixed route, solar panels can be installed at every stop to recharge quickly.The train is also large and can install many solar panels, so the trains are more suitable for green energy technology.

In January 2017, the Dutch national railway company introduced wind power to power trains.In July, the Indian railway company also put solar panels on the roof of the car, although it was just a step in the green energy application, even though it was powered by electric lights and fans.

Britain is also considering using solar energy to provide power for railway transportation, imperial college London and 10:10 climate action organization estimates that solar energy can provide the current British itu car with 10% of its power.