Australia Plans To Build A Renewable Energy Project To Export Green Electricity To Indonesia

- Dec 08, 2017-

China energy storage net news: a consortium made up of renewable energy companies plan in western Australia to build a renewable energy Asia AREH hub project for the northern neighbour Indonesia export green power.

According to introducing, AREH is an integration of wind power, solar power generation facilities, hybrid power station with a total installed capacity of six gw, and through the underwater power cable to the Indonesian output power, so as to solve the current southeast Asian countries face several energy and sustainable development issues.

The consortium includes CWP Energy Asia and Inter Continental Energy, the world's leading renewable Energy projects, and Vestas, a maker of wind turbines.

Alexander Hewitt, managing director of CWP Energy Asia, said: "the potential for a combination of wind and solar Energy to provide reliable and competitive renewable Energy in each region is enormous.In view of the long distance transport energy, increasing the ability of the project is a compelling suggestion for Indonesia, is not only to provide energy, but also for Indonesia's development bring long-term economic benefits."

It is understood that the project will be built in western Australia's pilbara region east, is expected to begin construction in 2023, to fully put into operation in 2029, in order to satisfy the demands of Indonesia's energy and renewable energy targets.

East pilbara region is close to Indonesia, coupled with the recent submarine cable technology advances, the project is expected to the first phase of the initial cost of about $10 billion, project follow-up phase may start to export green electricity to the other countries of southeast Asia.