Australia's Renewable Energy Sources Are Growing Rapidly

- Sep 08, 2017-

China energy storage net news: Australia's renewable energy research institution green energy market (GreenEnergyMarkets) recently released the first Australian renewable energy index survey report shows that a decade ago, renewable energy power generation accounts for only 7% of Australia's electricity and has been increased to 17.2% in June, 2017, the change of electrical energy industry's carbon pollution reduction, equivalent to the amount of cars traveling in Australia fell by more than half;Fiscal year 2016-17, Australia's renewable energy industry output can meet the demand of 70% of households across Victoria, currently under construction of wind power and solar power engineering once completed, provide electricity will be enough to meet the needs of 90% of households.

According to the report, Australia is the most important source of renewable energy hydroelectric power (40%), followed by wind power (31%) and rooftop solar power (18%), solar power generation accounted for less than 2%, but there are many large solar power plant construction projects, indicated that the branch of the renewable energy industry will become the industry's best option.

The federal government's renewable energy target (RET) is 20 per cent of total electricity output in 2020.The report argues that Australia's renewable energy industry is on track to achieve that goal by the end of 2018.