Australian Household Photovoltaic Panel Installation Volume Innovation High

- Mar 28, 2018-

The government should adjust the standards for new energy subsidies, which would force the government to reduce subsidies in the sector.Australia's top energy experts said.

Australia has installed 3.5 million solar panels in 2017, according to data released by the clean energy regulatory agency (CER).The country's small photovoltaic power generation system has a capacity of 1,057,000 kilowatts, breaking the record of 2012 and generating the equivalent of a medium-sized coal-fired power plant.

As a perennial rich sunshine resources of developed countries, Australia has the world's highest household photovoltaic system installations, and the lowest cost of residential and commercial pv system installation, coupled with the Australian government full of policy support, household photovoltaic installations only grow.

Some experts believe that the increasing number of small pv installations may lead to an oversupply of power systems during peak periods.This means that the government and the electricity companies subsidize photovoltaic energy, which has no real value, resulting in government cuts in new energy subsidies.

Some experts suggest that the government should improve its subsidy policy to make it more efficient, and promote the application of smart meters to balance the power output of low peak periods.

However, there are also experts who say that the problem of oversupply is insignificant in terms of time and scope for the overall power system.Tristan Edis of Australia's green energy market says current battery technology and energy storage devices are growing so fast that photovoltaic power generation is almost impossible to disrupt the balance of power supply and demand.