Bangladesh Will Import Two Gigawatts Of Solar Power From India

- May 03, 2018-

Bangladesh has announced plans to import 2 gigawatts of solar power from India, according to platts.

Driven energy diplomacy in India, Bangladesh, an adviser to the prime minister said India's booming solar energy market is an important opportunity for Bangladesh, plans to import 2 gigawatts of solar power will come from solar energy resources is rich in gujarat and rajasthan.

India also says it is a good way to make use of the surplus capacity of solar energy.The problem is how to achieve efficient transmission over long distances, but they believe engineers can solve the problem.

"Exporting solar power to Bangladesh is a good deal.This will further deepen energy cooperation among south Asian countries and build a comprehensive electricity and gas market, which will contribute to the sustainable development of the whole region."Said Debasish Mishra, India partner at deloitte.

It is understood that India intends to invest heavily in its solar industry.Last year, according to the public, the government approved an ambitious solar industry plan, including commitment will be installed capacity of renewable energy in India at the end of 2022 to 175 gw, including solar power capacity to 100 gw, and for the next seven years to attract huge investment of $100 billion.

India now has 62.5 gigawatts of renewable energy and 17 gigawatts of solar power.

It is understood that India will also sign a long-term cooperation contract with Bangladesh on natural gas and petroleum products.