Apple Is Hot On The Official Original Battery Encryption

- Nov 10, 2019-

If the user replaces a third-party battery that is not authorized by Apple, the setup application will pop up a service message "Cannot verify whether the iPhone uses the original Apple battery, this battery has no health information."
The life of the iPhone 11 series mobile phone on the fast charge will definitely be shortened, and the battery replacement becomes the first choice when the battery life is getting less and less.
At the same time, we learned from Apple's official after-sales service that the total cost of battery replacement for iPhone X and above is 519 yuan. Then look at the price of the third-party battery of the Apple mobile phone sold by the domestic e-commerce platform, which is only 100-200 yuan, which is obviously much cheaper than the official one. As for how to choose, it depends on how much budget the consumer has in his pocket.

For these problems, Apple's official reply is: shielding the iPhone's third-party battery in the mobile phone, this is to prevent users from using poor quality batteries, resulting in a bad experience.