Frequent Spontaneous Combustion Of Vehicles Tesla Announces Upgrade Of Battery Software

- Nov 19, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, Tesla announced on Thursday (May 16) that it will upgrade its battery software due to two recent fires in the Shanghai and Hong Kong, and said that investigations into the two accidents are underway. In progress.

Tesla said in a statement on May 15: "When we continue to investigate the root causes of the fire, due to careful consideration, starting today, Tesla will use wireless software to update the ModelS and ModelX vehicles. The charging and thermal management devices are repaired to better protect the battery and increase battery life."

On Tuesday (May 14th), Hong Kong's "Apple Daily" reported that after 30 minutes of parking, a 85KWH dual-power version of Tesla ModelS spontaneously ignited in the parking lot of the mall, and three explosions occurred during the CCTV video display. The firefighters took nearly 45 minutes to extinguish the fire.

Tesla said that the accident was being investigated with the relevant departments. Until now, only several faults were found in the battery module of this car, but most of the battery pack was not damaged. Three weeks before the fire in Tesla, Hong Kong, Tesla said it had sent a team to investigate the Shanghai ModelS fire. Since 2013, Tesla has had at least 14 vehicle fires, but most of them have been caused by a crash.